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oh god i'm confused. i am really underweight (bmi 15) and i'm getting a meal plan on wendsday. i want to get healthy but somhow not. i love my body know, how petite and small i look. i love the fact that i am able to starve and i love when people tell me: 'you look skinny, you should eat girl!' i love it that people who hug me think they might break me. but i hate having no energy for sports, i hate it that i'm destroying my family. and i'm scared that i might never will be pregnant...



… i ate a lot of fruits, nutella, a salad, bread with cheese AND a chocolate cake with a peanutbutter frosting today and i still have to ear dinner, which is always about 700 calories, because my mom knows i need to gain weight and i can’t skip dinner. what will my future look like? how much do i need to eat to not loose any more weight? i don’t like pasta and i can’t eat bread and rice the whole day, the carbs scare me more than sweets like cookies or brownies. i just needed someone to talk”

You say you love your body now. You say you love when people tell you that you should eat. You love the feeling that people think they might break you.

Do you love flowers? Do you love your family? Do you love shopping, the beach, the sunshine, a good thunderstorm, soft blankets, clean laundry, a good laugh, cozy pillows, a good night of sleep, a chick flick, your favorite television series? Do you love all of that?

Well listen to this: an eating disorder means none of that. It means being lost. It means living in a body that might as well be dead.

I am so sorry if this sounds harsh, but this topic makes me extremely sensitive.

You need to FIGHT. You need to fucking fight like hell. You need to eat. You need to realize that your body will shut down and die if you do not fuel yourself and treat yourself with the respect that your beautiful body and mind deserve.

This will not be easy. This will not be a walk in the park. This will be hard, with adversity, with tears, with anger, with mistakes, but this fight will be worth every. single. second.

If you continue to lose weight, I can tell you this: there will be no future.

You deserve the best. You deserve a life full of good food, a potential family, a husband who can lay on your body and feel the warmth and softness of your skin. You deserve a child who can hug their mom and feel their love, not their bones. You deserve a birthday cake. You deserve a celebratory dinner after getting your dream job.

You deserve life. You don’t deserve an eating disorder. Fight.

Just cried so hard


I want to open a really angry coffee shop called “I’m Not a Morning Person” and name all the drinks really angrily

like “can I get a Fuck You” or a “I’m Studying for Finals” or “My In-Laws are in Town”

and they all have shots of tequila in them

who wants to be my business partner

And after the first mile, it isn’t fun anymore. The adrenaline is wearing off, the sweat is starting to build, your legs are getting weaker, the runners are more spread out. That first mile is like a blur of fans cheering and coaches yelling and runners stampeding to the marker. But once you’ve crossed that first marker, there’s a little voice in your head saying “how am I going to do two more?” It seems like the most simple task of putting one foot in front of another takes all of your energy. And that’s what cross country is about, the race isn’t easy. Nothing about cross country is easy. But the reward is so fulfilling and worth it that even though when we cross the finish line we say “never again” the next week we’re back at the starting line.